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Discover the success of sustained weight loss by simply tracking the foods you already eat. Learn how to continue eating the foods you love – only smarter. We show you where to begin and our food tracking tools will help you stay on track.
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Let’s start together.

Starting your calorie counting journey is easy, and we show you exactly where to start. You begin by getting tailored starting nutritional numbers. Our nutrition tracking tools will keep up with your progress and show you how you’re doing. We’ll teach you how and when to make adjustments as you go.

Astride Nutrition Tracking Tools Devices

Track your progress.

Our diet tracking tools have helped individuals and athletes lose the weight they want and helped keep it off. Simply enter the totals for each meal you eat and our calorie calculator will do the rest. Your progress is kept for you and you’ll have a clear picture of how to plan the rest of your day and week.


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