Stay at home results.

Whether you want to simply get in shape, lose weight, or increase your strength and endurance – Astride’s home workouts will help you reach your health and fitness goals. Each home workout plan targets different body parts on different days and doesn’t require any major equipment to complete. You get to focus on the body parts you want and also curb exercise boredom.

Home transformation.

Each Astride home workout lets you exercise at home with little to no equipment. To keep things fresh we incorporate exercise balls, resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells and other light pieces of equipment that don’t require any setup or space. It will transform you and what you thought was possible with just your body weight and twenty minutes at home.

Total body workout.

Astride home workouts are designed to give you a total body workout in 7-9 days. You will target 1 to 2 body parts each workout. Splitting your workouts gives you the ability to workout a little more and a little harder. While you are focusing on one body part, others are able to rest.

Get in shape, stay in shape.

Astride’s home workout plans are ready when you’re ready. Instead of spending hours trying to find a home workout plan, quickly browse our library and find the workout you want to do. Each workout is designed to complement the next so you can jump in where you want and go from there. And new workouts are added every week.

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Workout guides

Learn as you go.

Not sure how to do a particular exercise? No problem. Use our extensive written and pictorial guides to make sure you are getting the most out of each exercise. Every guide walks you through each exercise step by step – so you become an expert.

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