Frequently asked questions.

Answers to our most popular questions.

Who is Astride? + -

Astride is an online workout and meal publishing platform. We create new workouts and meal plans every week to help people get healthy, stay healthy and feel better.

Who is Astride for? + -

We are for anyone who thinks getting healthier should be easier. We tune our workouts for all skill levels and create meal plans that don’t come with restrictions. We are for anyone looking to simplify getting healthier.

How will Astride help? + -

We take the guess work out of getting and staying fit. We’ll provide you with easy to follow content to help educate and demonstrate that starting doesn’t have to be difficult and maintaining your health can be easy.

What if I'm just getting started? + -

That’s great! We love helping newcomers get started. Our workouts are tuned and flexible to help you feel better quicker. We take out all the scary stuff and just keep things simple.

What if I’m an advanced lifter? + -

We’re ready if you are. A lot of us at Astride have been working out for a long time and know what it takes to challenge experienced lifters. Our workouts have advanced levels that will push you to new limits.

Where do I start? + -

You can start anywhere. Every workout is designed to work with the next. You can start at the beginning, or find a workout you like somewhere in the middle and start there.

Do I need any special equipment? + -

Nope. Each workout has three levels and starts with an equipment free level to help keep things simple. The higher levels of each workout might require equipment to help push our advanced students.

Do I need a gym membership? + -

It’s really up to you. Each workout starts with a beginner level that can be accomplished anywhere. If you are on the road or on vacation and still want to get a quick workout in, you can. The advanced levels of each workout will require special equipment that might be found in a gym.

What is your philosophy on dieting? + -

Eating is about smart, conscience decisions. We provide meal ideas to help you make better ones. There are enough rules in life, let’s not make eating one of them.